Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Membership is open to families and to private, voluntary and independent groups and maintained settings caring for children in North Somerset.

2. Proof of identity showing current address (e.g. Driver’s License, Utility Bill) is required at the time of joining.

3. Once a toy has been booked out and taken from Weston Toy Library it becomes the responsibility of the member borrowing the toy. Toys should be returned complete and in a
clean and undamaged condition.

4. If pieces are missing, they must be returned as soon as they are found. Failure to find and return pieces will render toys damaged and clause 5 below will apply.

5. Where toys are returned broken or damaged, a contribution will be requested to pay for repairs or replacements. All toys must be returned even if broken.

6. Before toys are available to borrow, we will check that they are safe to play with. Whilst you are borrowing them you must ensure they are safe to be used. Any possible danger must be
reported to the library.

7. Overdue items. Toys which are returned late may incur a fine equal to the monthly membership fee. We reserve the right to cancel membership to anyone who consistently returns toys late, damaged or incomplete.

8. All members have a right to take part in the running of the toy library and vote at the Annual
General Meeting.

9. Members are responsible for the children in their care at all times while visiting the toy library.

10. Members are responsible for the suitability of toys borrowed to the developmental stage of the children who will use them. Children playing with toys should be appropriately supervised.

11. Children are welcome to explore and try toys in the library before they are booked out. However ALL toys must be checked that they are complete and returned to boxes and shelves before departure.

12. Members must inform the Toy Library Staff of any change of address or contact details.

13. We are unfortunately unable to take reservations for toys, other than for Party Packs. This is because of the administration involved and the risk of stock is being made
unavailable to other members.


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