Sensory basket

TL 084


Locks and latches board

Undo a lock or latch, swinTL 080g open the numbered door and count on finding fun when the picture beneath is revealed on this wooden play board and educational toy! Build fine motor skills while learning colors, numbers, animals and more!



Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Find a specific colored door and identify the animals behind it. “Point to the red door. What animals are behind it?” (rabbits)
  • Find a house and identify a specific shape and/or number: “Which house has a circle with the number 5?” (green)
  • Count the animals behind a door or window. “Open the latch on the blue house. How many dogs do you see?” (2)
  • Identify a house by describing something on it. “What color is the house with two circular windows”? (orange)
  • Find a specific animal, name its color and count them. “Find the frogs. What color are the frogs? How many frogs do you see?” (green, 5)
  • Find a specific shape on a house and ask who lives inside. “Point to the purple triangle. Who lives in this house?” (1 pony)

Dimensions: 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 1.25″


Fantasy Cubes

The Fantasy Cube is an award winning unfolding activity centre designed to encourage highly imaginative group play. Its unique design provides a sturdy piece of stimulating play equipment, big enough to cope with groups of young children, yet compact and portable when folded away. The abstract style makes it extremely versatile, appealing to a wide age range, from toddlers practising hand-eye co-ordination to rising fives discovering simple technology.


Each time the Fantasy Cube is opened a New World of fascinating possibilities appears. Children can surround themselves with a colourful array of cogs, levers and dials. Two mini boxes and 12 tool pegs (stored inside) spread the field of activity around the main cube, and encourage young imaginations to create and share their own space. Perhaps it will be a gypsy caravan today – and tomorrow maybe a fairground for frogs!


The Fantasy Cube, strongly built from high quality birch plywood, is beautifully hand finished and many parts are colourfully stained to enhance the natural wood grain. It is extremely hard wearing – already tried and tested in thousands of playgroups, nurseries and schools.


The National Toy Libraries Association recommends the Fantasy Cube in the Good Toy Guide as “excellent for imaginative play, with an irresistible appeal for exploration and manipulation by young children.”

For the age range 2 to 6 years. Conforms to the EN71 safety standards.

Each box is carefully handmade with many parts beautifully coloured with non-toxic stains.
A dozen assorted pegs and ropes are included with 2 mini boxes which spread the play area.
Everything packs neatly away inside the main cube for safe storage.


Size open: 85cm (33½”) x 48cm (19″) x 45cm (17¾”) when open. Age 2+