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Deceptively simple and magically attractive, Bilibo’s iconic shell shape and bright colors immediately appeal to children. Developed in collaboration with childhood development experts, Bilibo’s unique form arouses curiosity, engages the imagination, and encourages creativity. Both boys and girls find unlimited ways to play with Bilibos – using them to rock in, spin in, hide under, sit on, tote with, and peek through. Bilibo provides hours of fun, indoors and out: at home, at the park, at the beach, in water, and even on snow.

Encourage active play and engage your child’s imagination with Kid-O Bilibo. This durable, shock-resistant shell can be used as a rocking chair, helmet, shovel, water basin, and more. No matter whether your child’s next adventure takes place at the beach, sledding hill, park, or your living room, Bilibo will add an extra element of fun. Bilibo was created, in collaboration with childhood development experts, to help stimulate creativity and improve hand-eye coordination in children aged two to seven.

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Adaptable, Shatterproof Design

Built of nontoxic, shatterproof polyethylene, Kid-O Bilibo will withstand the rough-and-tumble play of energetic toddlers. Designed in Switzerland, Bilibo remains durable and shock-resistant even at low temperatures, making it appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

Having won multiple design and play awards, Bilibo makes an attractive and fun addition to your playroom.

Versatile Toy Facilitates Open-Ended Play

You will be astonished at the new and imaginative uses your child will dream up for Bilibo. This open-ended toy can be used as a rocking chair, for spinning, or as a cradle for dolls. When turned over, Bilibo’s resemble a smiling face with two “eyes” that can act as peepholes for a helmet. Bilibo can also be filled with sand, water, blocks, or other toys.

Equally attractive to boys or girls, Bilibo will keep your child entertained at home, but is also portable enough to bring along on the next playdate. The toy’s design encourages children to role play, an important skill for promoting imagination and social development.

Unique Shape Helps Children Improve Balance, Coordination

Children learn hand-eye coordination and develop a sense of space by using one or more Bilibos for activities involving stacking or filling. In addition, rocking and spinning with Bilibo helps children improve their motor skills and balance.

Design Challenging for Young Children

While Bilibo is designed for children aged two to seven, our testers found that older children had the most interest in playing with Bilibo. Young testers tended to tip over when they tried to use Bilibo as a rocking chair and required help from an adult to use the toy.