Wooden Eco Lodge

PINTOY Eco Lodge – This is a masterpiece of engineering and design proving it the most realistic eco-house on the market.

The charming Lodge has many years of research behind its stunning exterior so is a factual representation that will teach children all about lowering their carbon footprint.

Take, for instance the green roof, this gently sloping roof is planted with pretend Sedum, an evergreen plant.  By using it in this way not only helps to replace the green areas lost when areas are developed but replaces valuable oxygen into its surroundings.

Also on the roof there are realistic solar and photovoltaic panels, harvesting sunlight to produce make believe hot water and make believe electricity for the house, whilst the rain gutters, gather water from any downpours whisking it away to be stored in the water butts.

Ensuring the tiniest of heating bills landing on the mat, housed within the Lodge there is a Trombe wall.

The Eco Lodge comes with an adorably illustrated booklet made from recycled paper and printed with Soya Ink, explaining each feature of the house.

Box Size 53.5cm x 47.5cm x 11cm .

Eco Wind Charger – Super Wind Turbine for running the power of the eco lodge!

Box Size 32.5cm x 26.5 cm x 6.5 cm


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