Happyland Toadstool Cottage

TL 019 (2)One of the fairies has invited her friend over to her house for tea: join them as they fly through the air to get to Toadstool Cottage, and press the magical flower to announce your arrival and hear fun sounds.

Open up the Toadstool house so the fairies can go inside and have their tea. At the end of a long day of fun there is a petal bed to sleep on to get a good night’s rest for another day of fun tomorrow.

Quick facts:
-Set includes two fairy characters
-Great for encouraging early speaking skills
-Inspires the imagination
-Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination skills and motor skills

Great for your child’s development:

Great for imaginative play, your little one will love bringing the characters to life by giving them their own voices and personalities, and will have great fun creating lots of stories and adventures. Playing together encourages your child to start talking and trying new words, and moving the chunky, easy to grip pieces around helps strengthen little fingers.

ELC star quality:

We love the Happyland Toadstool Cottage because it’s a great way to inspire your little one’s imagination. With figures and accessories, your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play, making up plenty of stories about the characters and bringing them to life by giving each of them a voice of their own.

What you need to know:

-Suitable from 18 months
-Includes 1 x fairy playhouse, 2 x fairies, 1 x bed and 1 x table

Playing tips:

Flitting fairies- Fly around the cottage, giggle with your fairy friend and hide in the mini toadstool hidey-hole.

Secret hideaway- Chomp a magical apple to fly super-fast, share some tea and plan fairy adventures together. Take turns to nap on the petal bed: fairy fun can be hard work!

Great for:

-Enjoying a lovely fairy playhouse
-Bringing the fairies to life
-Encouraging talking and learning new words
-Enjoying magical sounds
-Discovering pretend play
-Developing strength and precision in little fingers


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