Construction Themed Box Set

TL 023 (2)Extensive tests in kindergartens confirmed the high value of WoodyClick. Children love to build things with their WoodyClick and use it in various play settings. As results showed, WoodyClick trains children’s motor skills, stimulates their imagination thanks to the wide variety of ways the system parts can be put together, and also trains their social behavior through role playing.

WoodyClick is made of natural wood. All parts are stained by a gentle, water-based method that is also ecologically sound. The happy, warm colors stimulate children’s senses. What is special and guarantees flexibility is the well-proportioned mixture of wood with plastic elements. This makes WoodyClick a modern children’s toy that concentrates on essentials but is also multifunctional. The patented plastic fasteners also guarantee excellent stability and are the key to the Click system.

The Construction collection contains a select assortment of components and are perfect for the home or classroom. Contents include: 1 wooden carrying case, 1 Construction Car Truck, 1 Construction Excavator, 1 Construction Mixer, 1 Construction Dump Truck, 1 Construction Roadworkers, 1 Construction Roadworker.

Age: 3+


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